Epilepsy Training

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Medecs Learning is pleased to announce that they are facilitating Epilepsy Education on behalf of Epilepsy Action Australia.

Epilepsy Action Australia (EAA) is a national not for profit organisation that delivers innovative educational services to professionals working with or providing services to people living with epilepsy and their families.

The two core professional training modules are Epilepsy Essentials and Emergency Medication Training.


Epilepsy Essentials

This training includes information about epilepsy and seizures, including descriptions of the common types of seizure activity, seizure first aid and management strategies.  A basic session takes 1 hour to complete but can be extended as necessary to include more discussion time around particular areas of epilepsy management or consultation time about specific client needs.


Emergency Medication

This training provides information about the use of midazolam and/or diazepam including how the drug works, why it is used and how to administer it.  This session takes up to 2 hours to complete depending on the number of participants in the group.  To participate in this session participants need to have completed the Epilepsy Essentials session in the previous 12 months and EAA strongly recommends that the participant holds a current first aid certificate or CPR competency.  The maximum number of participants is 10.

Schedule of Fees

Epilepsy Essentials 1-hour education session: $55pp

Epilepsy Essentials 2-hour education session including consultation time for specific client needs: $70pp

Emergency Medication 2-hour education session: $80pp

Epilepsy Essentials & Emergency Medications 3-hour education session: $100pp

Please note that minimum numbers apply for all sessions


Training Calendar

Please contact Deb Stone (Managing Director) to organise a session for your organisation on (03) 6272 1843.  All Emergency Medication sessions must be booked directly with the office.


Enrolment Enquiries

All enrolment enquiries please contact: Phone: (03) 6272 1843
Email: admin@medecs.com.au