Medecs Consultation Services

Medecs Consultancy Services

How is your organisation managing the risks associated with Support staff performing complex & high-risk Client support tasks? Tasks such as medication administration, manual handling, and complex care.

What makes a Client support task high-risk & complex? 

This is typically when:

  • Error is intolerable.
  • The performance tasks have many steps and
  • Elements of the task can change regularly.

Typical high-risk & complex Client support tasks in the sector include medication administration, manual-handling, and complex care tasks.

Medecs offers a range of consultation services for the Healthcare & Social Assistance sector, including:

  • Strategic consultation regarding managing the performance of complex high-risk support tasks in your organisation. Such as medication administration, manual handling & clinical care
  • High-risk task policy & procedure development is critical to guide staff performance practice in your organisation. Such policies & procedures include the medication management framework and safe manual handling policies & procedures.
  • Development of Individualised Client Care plans.
  • Staff skills assessment in high-risk performance areas such as medication administration, safe manual handling & complex care procedures such as peg feed & bowel care.
  • Staff education & training for high-risk tasks such as medication administration, manual handling, first aid and complex care tasks such as peg feed & bowel care.
  • Staff development in leadership, leading effective teams, and conflict & stress management.

For a free consultation contact:

Deb Stone, Managing Director Medecs Australia to discuss your needs.


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